Need to Know about Top 10 Best Festivals in Morocco

Morocco desert tours give exceptional happy experience when rightly guided. The North African country is a place where you will hardly feel any air of boredom if you are the outgoing type. Morocco is rich in beautiful festivals that take place all year round. Its hospitality and amazing culture and tradition will remain their high point for tourists.


Let’s explore top 10 best festivals in Morocco to give you a reason for Morocco desert tours at this coming holiday.

  1. Marrakech International Marathon

I have no reason not to love marathon because I look for a good reason to keep fit. But so fantastic is the Marrakech marathon that I want to witness it every time it’s holding. It is a 26-mile race running through the palm tree lined boulevards where you find oranges and olives grown. It’s more amazing to see the entire city rising to cheer the runners. You can keep a tab on the date and plan your visit to see it.

  1. Dakhla Festival

Morocco desert tours of Dakhla festival provide a rare opportunity to see people is high festive energy. The festival, also known as the Sea and Desert Festival, is a Woodstock-inspired feeling that mixes sport, art, music and food with so many other features a grand spectacle of activities.

  1. Grand Prix Hassan II

A fantastic event endorsed by the World Association of Tennis Players that it features in it ATP World Tour 250 series holding at the Complexe Al Amal in Casablanca, a city popularly called the white city of Morocco. Among guests at the event are notable tennis players, celebrities and captains of industries and business leaders and Moroccan elites. Bookmark your Morocco Tours calendar as an Event to visit for expanding your network of contacts.

  1. Desert Music Festival

Tours in Morocco desert music festival holding in Errachidia is a must see. It’s a creative festival that serves as a bridge between tradition and modern artists facilitating the show of international music and Moroccan traditional tunes. If good music is your thing, this is a festival you need to keep a tab on for real!


  1. Marrakech International Film Festival

Your tours will not be complete without attending the Marrakech International Film Festival. It’s an event hosted by the city of Jemma el Fnaa, where tourists from across the world can witness with pleasure. Attendance is also free if you register online ahead of time.

  1. FIA WTCC Race of Marrakech

If you are a car racing enthusiast let your Morocco desert include attending the three days car racing show in Marrakech. The race is a World Touring Car Championship and its holding in an environment that offers more for your eyes and pleasure. Go! Go!! Cheering you champion to victory!

  1. Rose Festival

Visiting El-Kelaa M’Gouna has to be on Morocco desert tours for its rose festival if you love rose. The rose valley city plays host to a three-day Rose Festival every year. Famous for its pink rose landscape, a Rose Queen election is the height of the festival. Go there and have a feel of Morocco tradition of Rose celebration.

  1. Imilchil Marriage Festival

Your tours should include visiting in September to witness Imilchil Marriage Festival. The city is on the plateau of Middle Atlas Mountains known for its romance festival of the Ait Yaazza culture holding every September where annual collective marriage with women searching for their husband.


  1. Fantasia

This fantastic festival must make your Morocco desert tours. Fantasia features horse riding mimicking the Berber warriors in their traditional clothes. It is described as a cultural art and martial arts festival because its combination of both. It is a replay of wartime attacks of Berbers and desert knight!

  1. Timitar Festival

Last, in your Morocco Desert Tours calendar, is the Timitar festival, and it is the biggest of all festivals in Morocco. It features more than 40 artists with about 500000 attendees. It’s a promise of a mixture of Moroccan and international musicians with a focus on the Amazigh culture. It is a festival you will need no other as the signs and culture theme of the event is incredible and quite pleasing to all.


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