How to Stay Safe in Morocco during Real Morocco Tours

Morocco is a diverse country which is fantastic to explore. The bustling Medinas, beautiful ruins, picturesque streets, enchanting palaces and pristine beaches are just but a few attractions you get to see in Morocco. Life in Morocco is different from that in the west, and one must take general precaution during their stay in Morocco.

Atlantic Grand Tour

During the night, the Atlas Mountains get freezing. While hiking in the mountains wear warm clothes to protect yourself from the cold to avoid getting sick. Morocco is a malaria-free country; you do not need to worry about mosquito bites, but you can still take the usual precautions to stay safe. One is advised to have polio and tetanus vaccines to enter the country. For more safety, all other vaccines are recommended.

Bottled water is recommended for drinking while in Morocco. The Moroccan authorities are concerned with the pollution caused by the plastic from bottled water, and many restaurants have filtered water for visitors that are considered safe to drink. The restaurants have detailed information on the filtration method, and the water is usually free. To avoid dehydration, it is advisable to take two to three liters of fluid daily while in Morocco, especially when walking in the desert areas and the mountains.

Excursion to Tangier

Moroccans are generally honest and friendly; however, petty crimes such as pick-pocketing and bag snatching do happen in Morocco. Hustlers and Con artists also target tourists. To enjoy your time in Morocco, politely refuse their services and walk away. Faux guides are also very popular in Morocco, and some pretend to be students or ask you to translate something into English, beware of such people. They often lead you to a shop and persuade you to buy from them. Avoid eye contact and ignore them, if persistent, a firm and definite ‘no’ can work for them.

The state of roads in Morocco varies throughout the country and during the year. The safety of the roads depends on the seasons, heavy rains or snow creating more dangerous conditions for driving. All kinds of vehicles from donkey carts to cars are legally allowed to share the same road. With regards to this, it is important that one takes necessary precautions while driving around the country.

If you are travelling to Morocco, Anaam Tours organize the best trips and excursions for you. Our team of guides, drivers, and local professionals will keep you in good hands and offer the best services during your Morocco tours. We are committed to excellent service to make your stay in Morocco safe and the most amazing experience you will ever have as a tourist.

We have put together some unique itineraries to meet every traveler’s demands and offer new and exciting real Morocco tours. Morocco is an extensive country, from the Atlas Mountains, the Sahara Desert to imperial cities; there is much to do while visiting the country. Our touring company will help you discover the real beauty that Morocco has to offer.

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Top 5 festivals in Morocco with Celebrations

Almond Blossom Festival: A traditional festival to celebrate during your tours of Morocco. The almond harvest takes place each year in February at which time the almond trees are in full bloom. It takes place within the almond producing town of Tafraoute, nestled amongst the Atlas Mountains and close to Agadir. The Almond Tree Festival is not only an important event for the local community but also one that attracts visitors from all over Morocco and the whole world as well. People come to marvel at the bloom displaying wonderful pink, white and red petals. The event is accompanied by singing, storytelling, dancing and selling of a wide range of products.

Tours of Morocco

Tours of Morocco

Festival of Roses: The village of El Kelaa M’Gouna, deep in the Dades Valley, is home to Moroccan rose festival. It is a magical event that takes place at the beginning of May every year. It is here where fragrant rose oil and rose water gets produced for the country, and the landscapes are a sea of pink Persian roses. The rose water is quite expensive and is used for its fragrance and in traditional cooking as well. A massive market (souk) is opened where various fascinating items get sold, musicians and dancers enliven up the festival. It is an attraction that carries a unique experience. During the festival, a Rose Queen gets crowned, who will reign over the successful harvest of fragrance.

Essaouira Gnawa and World Music Festival: It is a music festival based on the traditions of Gnawa music which has grown to include musicians from all over the world. The festival has been around for a decade, and its venue has been in a quaint town of Essaouira. Gnawa music combines acrobatic dancing as well as music. It originates from a mixture of Berber, African and Arabic songs, religious rites and dance. It is held annually in the summer, each May. It has nearly half a million musical pilgrims attending over a four-day duration.

Marrakech Popular Arts Festival: The festival attracts folk singers, dancers, fortune-tellers, acting troupes, snake charmers, fire swallowers and more, from all over Morocco. The major events take place in the ruins of the sixteenth century Badi Palace and the Djemma el Fna (main town center). It has taken place since 2000 and has attracted many artists and entertainers from Europe and Asia. The Fantasis, outside the city walls at night is an event not to be missed. A horse riding spectacle that includes hundreds of charging horsemen and women wearing traditional clothing. It gets held annually in the summers.

Tours of Morocco

Tours of Morocco

Fes Festival of World Sacred Music: The astonishing spiritual festival is held annually in Fes, Morocco. The festival allows you to bump into whirling dervishes from Iran as well as chanters, mystics, and dancers from all over the Globe. A festival in celebration of the local culture of Fes gets held simultaneously. The two festivals allow visitors to enjoy the traditional life in the old walled city. Meanwhile, visitors sip some mint tea, enjoy Sufi chanting and of course, a mouth-watering Moroccan dish.

All these can be part of your tours of Morocco just trust Anaam tours with logistics and planning and you will have a great story to tell when you get back home.

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Adventure Tours in Morocco – 7 Secret Destinations in Morocco

I hаvе hеаrd grеаt thіngѕ about Morocco аnd ѕіnсе I lіkе tо travel to dіffеrеnt countries I dесіdеd tо vіѕіt thіѕ North Afrісаn соuntrу аnd I was nоt dіѕарроіntеd.

The country оffеrѕ grеаt natural scenery ѕuсh аѕ thе Atlas Mountains, grееn palm oasis, hіgh gоrgеѕ and оf соurѕе thе Sаhаrа desert. The hіѕtоrу оf thе сіtіеѕ іѕ also incredible frоm the соаѕtаl tоwn оf Eѕѕаоuіrа tо thе dоnkеу аllеу wide ѕtrееtѕ оf Fes.

We hаvе bооk оur tоur wіth a соmраnу саllеd Yоur Anaam Tours Morocco Tоur. Thеу arranged еvеrуthіng from uѕ. They picked us uр at thе аіrроrt іn Cаѕаblаnса, where wе ѕtауеd оur fіrѕt nіght. Cаѕаblаnса іѕ another bіg city аnd hаѕ not muсh tо ѕее, еxсерt thе ѕресtасulаr mоѕԛuе оf Hаѕѕаn II thаt іѕ open to non-Muslims.

Nеxt day wе trаvеllеd to Rаbаt, Rоmаn ruіnѕ of Volubis, visited Mеknеѕ and thеn еndеd оur day in Fes.

Thе оld mеdіnа in Fеѕ іѕ a рlасе lіkе nо other. It is a vеrу оld city, whеrе tіmе stopped and nоthіng hаѕ сhаngеd ѕіnсе the 12th сеnturу, еxсерt реорlе nоw hаvе еlесtrісіtу аnd ѕаtеllіtе dіѕhеѕ. Othеrwіѕе, it lооkѕ lіkе іt did not change since сеnturіеѕ аgо. It іѕ a very аuthеntіс city that hаѕ a many сulturаl, historical аnd rеlіgіоuѕ ѕіghtѕ.

After Fes wе drove a lоng drіvе tо Mеrzоugа to еxреrіеnсе thе Sаhаrа dеѕеrt. I wіll nеvеr fоrgеt оur night in thе dеѕеrt bу Erg Chеbbі. The two-hour rіdе оn thе саmеlѕ wаѕ nоt whаt I expected, but wе mаdе іt to оur саmр bу thе ѕаnd dunes of Erg Chebbi. The ѕkу was соvеrеd by mіllіоnѕ оf ѕtаr; оur local guіdеѕ wеrе рlауіng оn drumѕ and ѕіgnіng thеіr Bеrbеr muѕіс bу a fire. They аlѕо show uѕ hоw sand brеаd is mаdе іn thе fіrе. It was an amazing nіght thаt I wіll nеvеr fоrgеt.

Nеxt two dауѕ were filled up bу brеаthtаkіng ѕсеnеrу. Wе visited the hіghеѕt palm оаѕіѕ іn Morocco, thе Tоdrа Gorge. Thе nіght wе ѕреnt іn thе Dаdеѕ gоrgе lined by ѕtеер curved road that winds around rеd rock. Wе ѕаw several Kаѕbаh on thе rоutе ѕuсh аѕ thе Aіt Ben Haddou thаt wаѕ ԛuіtе іmрrеѕѕіvе tоо. Wе сrоѕѕ thrоugh thе Atlаѕ Mountains that were vеrу hіgh vіа thе Tizi Tісhkа Pass. Thе vіеwѕ оf thе Bеrbеr vіllаgеѕ were ԛuіtе unіԛuе аnd ѕurрrіѕіng hоw реорlе іn thіѕ сеnturу ѕtіll live.

Mаrrаkесh dіd nоt gіvе аn іmрrеѕѕіоn аѕ bеіng ѕо old аѕ Fеѕ. We hаvе ѕееn many bеаutіful gardens аnd other hіѕtоrісаl ѕіtеѕ. Thе Kоutоubіа mоѕԛuе іѕ аnd its mіnаrеt аrе known from many movies аѕ thе ѕіght оf Marrakech. I muѕt not fоrgеt thе сrаzу ѕԛuаrе of Djеmа El Fna thаt fіllѕ bу mаnу jugglеrѕ, bеllу dancers, аnd ѕіngеrѕ and аlѕо ѕtаllѕ of fооd. It wаѕ fun tо gеt lost in thе ѕоukѕ in Mаrrаkесh. It is іnсrеdіblе whаt уоu саn buy there. Thе bаd thing wаѕ that ѕоmе оf thе ѕhорkеереrѕ were wау tо рuѕhу.

Yes, I hаd vіѕіtеd Fеz (or Fеѕ), Cаѕаblаnса, the Atlаѕ Mоuntаіnѕ аnd the mаrkеt city of Mаrrаkесh wеrе аll familiar tо mе. But thеѕе destinations іn Mоrоссо wеrе nоt!

  • Thе Imреrіаl Cіtу оf Mеknеѕ, once home tо оnе оf Morocco’s greatest rulеrѕ.
  • Thе Rоmаn ѕіtе оf Vоlubіlіѕ.
  • Merzouga іn thе Sahara Desert еаѕt of thе Altаѕ Mоuntаіnѕ
  • The vаѕt, іmрrеѕѕіvе dunеѕ оf Erg Chеbbі
  • Thе іmроѕіng Todra Gоrgе оnе of Mоrоссо’ѕ grеаtеѕt nаturаl wоndеrѕ.
  • The оаѕіѕ tоwn of Ouаrzаzаtе and Ait Ben Haddou whісh соntаіnѕ the bеѕt рrеѕеrvеd соllесtіоn оf kаѕbаhѕ in Mоrоссо.
  • Thе Bеrbеr town оf Tаrоudаnnt аnd thе restored Sultan’s раlасе within the town walls.

I bеt you know more dеѕtіnаtіоnѕ іn Morocco than you did a fеw mіnutеѕ аgо! One thing is fоr sure, reading аbоut аdvеnturе tours іn Mоrоссо mаkе mе want tо gо аgаіn.
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Need to Know about Top 10 Best Festivals in Morocco

Morocco desert tours give exceptional happy experience when rightly guided. The North African country is a place where you will hardly feel any air of boredom if you are the outgoing type. Morocco is rich in beautiful festivals that take place all year round. Its hospitality and amazing culture and tradition will remain their high point for tourists.


Let’s explore top 10 best festivals in Morocco to give you a reason for Morocco desert tours at this coming holiday.

  1. Marrakech International Marathon

I have no reason not to love marathon because I look for a good reason to keep fit. But so fantastic is the Marrakech marathon that I want to witness it every time it’s holding. It is a 26-mile race running through the palm tree lined boulevards where you find oranges and olives grown. It’s more amazing to see the entire city rising to cheer the runners. You can keep a tab on the date and plan your visit to see it.

  1. Dakhla Festival

Morocco desert tours of Dakhla festival provide a rare opportunity to see people is high festive energy. The festival, also known as the Sea and Desert Festival, is a Woodstock-inspired feeling that mixes sport, art, music and food with so many other features a grand spectacle of activities.

  1. Grand Prix Hassan II

A fantastic event endorsed by the World Association of Tennis Players that it features in it ATP World Tour 250 series holding at the Complexe Al Amal in Casablanca, a city popularly called the white city of Morocco. Among guests at the event are notable tennis players, celebrities and captains of industries and business leaders and Moroccan elites. Bookmark your Morocco Tours calendar as an Event to visit for expanding your network of contacts.

  1. Desert Music Festival

Tours in Morocco desert music festival holding in Errachidia is a must see. It’s a creative festival that serves as a bridge between tradition and modern artists facilitating the show of international music and Moroccan traditional tunes. If good music is your thing, this is a festival you need to keep a tab on for real!


  1. Marrakech International Film Festival

Your tours will not be complete without attending the Marrakech International Film Festival. It’s an event hosted by the city of Jemma el Fnaa, where tourists from across the world can witness with pleasure. Attendance is also free if you register online ahead of time.

  1. FIA WTCC Race of Marrakech

If you are a car racing enthusiast let your Morocco desert include attending the three days car racing show in Marrakech. The race is a World Touring Car Championship and its holding in an environment that offers more for your eyes and pleasure. Go! Go!! Cheering you champion to victory!

  1. Rose Festival

Visiting El-Kelaa M’Gouna has to be on Morocco desert tours for its rose festival if you love rose. The rose valley city plays host to a three-day Rose Festival every year. Famous for its pink rose landscape, a Rose Queen election is the height of the festival. Go there and have a feel of Morocco tradition of Rose celebration.

  1. Imilchil Marriage Festival

Your tours should include visiting in September to witness Imilchil Marriage Festival. The city is on the plateau of Middle Atlas Mountains known for its romance festival of the Ait Yaazza culture holding every September where annual collective marriage with women searching for their husband.


  1. Fantasia

This fantastic festival must make your Morocco desert tours. Fantasia features horse riding mimicking the Berber warriors in their traditional clothes. It is described as a cultural art and martial arts festival because its combination of both. It is a replay of wartime attacks of Berbers and desert knight!

  1. Timitar Festival

Last, in your Morocco Desert Tours calendar, is the Timitar festival, and it is the biggest of all festivals in Morocco. It features more than 40 artists with about 500000 attendees. It’s a promise of a mixture of Moroccan and international musicians with a focus on the Amazigh culture. It is a festival you will need no other as the signs and culture theme of the event is incredible and quite pleasing to all.

The most exciting experience in Morocco tours from Marrakech- heavenly bliss in the abode of Atlas Mountain

Glimpse of Morocco

Morocco is an alluring holiday destination in the abode of Atlas Mountain range. It is a North African country skirting the Mediterranean Sea in the anterior part and the Atlantic Ocean on the western coast. The southern part abuts the Sahara Desert. It is characterized by the amalgamation of Arabian, Berber and European ethnicity along with a potpourri of tourist attractions.

Mesmerizing tours of Morocco

The awesome tourism of Morocco can drive anyone to a nail-biting ride of excitement. There is a plethora of adventure to explore in this imperial city encompassing the panoramic views of rolling sand dunes of the Sahara and snow-capped peaks of the Atlas. Along with the majestic cultural elegance, it has much more in store to overwhelm its visitors such as aromatic spice markets, bustling souqs, soothing spas, stunning mosques, white-washed coastlines and captivating city centers. Moreover, the tours give a close insight to the diverse landscape and ethnicity of the nation.

The Morocco tours generally commence from Maarakech, as it is the branching point. Anaam tours is the best medium for Morocco tours from Maarakech, if one is having a cherished desire for the sojourn to Morocco.

  • Visiting the Ouzoud Waterfalls is a refreshing experience from the hassles of city life. The mere glimpse of the foaming cascade is enough to provide serenity.
  • Excursion to Ourika valley in the lap of Atlas Mountain takes the tourists to the avenues of the lush green serene natural beauty of the mountain range.
  • Tour to Essaouira paves the way for the travelers to chill in the sea air, close to the coastline. Not only this, one can also get an opportunity to relish the scrumptious sea-food and shop exquisite Essaouira handicrafts from the array of shops.
  • Ait ben Haddou and Ouarzazate display a vivid transmogrifying landscape from the escalating hilly view and canopy of Berber villages to the sharply descending vista of arid desert. The Kasbah or towns of this place are a must visit if one aspires to have a glance at the traditional lifestyle of the inhabitants.
  • The guided tours of Maarakech never fail to take the tourists to the pious Koutoubia Mosque, which is the most magnificent minaret in Maarakech. It is at a walking distance from the renowned congregation square of Djema El Fna. The expedition continues to the Saadian Tombs, which is a colossal mausoleum built by the Saadian sultans in the 13th century as a resting place.
  • The sojourn to Morocco is incomplete without availing the excitement of Desert tours and Camel trekking. It is a remarkable experience for anyone to gaze at the endless stretches of sand grains in the tranquil Sahara Desert. It allows one to discover the real Morocco. The Desert trips also feature overnight stay, desert camps, and caravans to make it a mesmerizing experience to cherish lifelong.

Individuals with a natural blend of mind for tour and travel would find Morocco tours from Maarakech a perfect destination to unleash their excitement. There is so much to explore in this land which is marked by diversified culture and captivating tourists spots.

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